SAP Warehouse Application

An SAP warehouse app, like PreBilt, allows warehouse operators to execute warehouse processes with a mobile device. Designed to be user-friendly by design, these software solutions help operators finish their tasks quicker and easier, while providing operational efficiency and productivity gains.

In contrast to other SAP standard mobile solutions, PreBilt is designed to execute scanning processes in the warehouse. The Main PreBilt read more framework is centred around smart barcode administration, with the ability to scan complex barcodes, decode the related information and populate the data into the correct fields within the PreBilt screen.

PreBilt can read both traditional 1D linear barcodes and the newer 2D matrix barcodes, like QR codes. Future proofed to manoeuvre with your evolving Procedure, PreBilt can function with the variety of barcodes currently used by consumers and more info their suppliers, with the flexibility to cater for new barcode technology as it's created.

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